European Market

We offer the largest selection of European groceries from over 25 countries.

Including Germany, England, Poland, and much more!

Our Story

We have started our company in Chattanooga, TN in November, 1999. When we opened our store, we started to sell only Russian products. Then we had a lot of other customers from different countries requesting products from their countries. We started to add a lot of other products and now we sell products from 25 countries, that include Russia, Ukraine, German, Italy, England, Poland, Greece and others.

We also started to make homemade cabbage rolls, pierogies, bulochki, chebureki, blintzes and bake German breads daily.

We now have 6 locations open, and very excited that our 7th location in Boiling Springs, SC will be opening very soon.

Fresh Baked Good's Such As

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